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Deep in the foothills of the Appalachians, there are four species of bass found nowhere else on Earth. The Coosa, Cahaba, Warrior, and Tallapoosa bass are all genetically-distinct, environmentally-imperiled bass in dire need of help. And thankfully, a community has rallied around them with a unique idea. Instead of gating off the species, why not champion them? Why not create a new grand slam in fly fishing for the sake of a national treasure? Join Matt Lewis and Mary Beth Meeks as they attempt to catch a “Redeye Slam” in one day.

Official selection in the International Fly Fishing Fishing Film Festival.

For 15 years, a group of friends have battled budgets, bad timing, and bad luck. From weathering hurricanes, to being marooned on an uninhabited island, they’ve seen it all. Well, except for good fishing.
This year they’ve joined forces with a sage of flats fishing, Nick Denbow, who just might have the key to unlock their fishing misery. All signs point to the “Holy Well.”

Official selection in the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Steve is an all-around Southern fly angler. He’s caught everything on the fly: smallies, largemouths, sunfish, and even gar. But, one fish eludes him— the crown of Southern saltwater— redfish.

The plan is simple: head down to an overwater camp deep in the Louisiana bayou and notch a thick piece of copper glory. But, as the BlueLine FlyCo guys are known for… shenanigans ensue.

Official selection in the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Everyone loves Dan. He’s friendly, hardworking, and loves a good laugh. But Dan has a problem. Fish don’t love Dan. So he journeys from the marshes of Louisiana to the jungle coast of Colombia, to see if South American tuna will show him some decency and respect.  Official selection in the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Uncle Mac left a deep imprint on Tommy. The way he worked. The way he casted. The way he lived his life. So it's no surprise that everything that Tommy does reflects Mac's legacy. Official selection in the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

“Fly fishing” and “the west coast of Colombia” don’t go hand-and-hand.  There’s a jungle, four transportation shifts, a language barrier, new fishing techniques, and the unrelenting pulse of the Pacific Coast. Good thing the team wouldn't have it any other way. Join the crew as they go deep into the wild and come out with a story worth telling. Official selection in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival 

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