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The Team

Southern Roots, International Ambitions

It started with a 2 am bet. "If you can find us a flight that's $200, I'll travel out of the country to fish." A stroke of luck landed us on the flats for the first time. Our Hemingway wager was complete.


Over the past decade, there have been jungles crossed, storms dodged, and a few fish caught along the way. More importantly, there have been stories worth sharing. From getting marooned on an uninhabited rock, to watching "first fish" turn into eternal trophies. 


And that's what we've learned. We want to tell great stories. Ones that hook you from the start. The kind of story that sticks with you. A harmonious blend of contrasts: relatable and inspiring. Edgy and wholesome. Ambitious and attainable.

Those are the stories we're excited about. 

Ben Meadows
George Constantine
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